Vibrant Student Life

All you need to know about DCU’s Student Life. Find out more about our Clubs and Societies.

Get involved and make lifelong memories

Joining a DCU Club or Society is the foundation of your active involvement in student life. DCU has over 140 Clubs and Societies spread across all campuses and catering for all interests, hobbies and passions.

Being involved in DCU Clubs & Societies will enhance your social life and help you make lifelong friends, as well as creating memories to treasure for life.


There are over 40 sports clubs in DCU that offer social and competitive sporting opportunities for students. From developing existing skills to trying something completely new, joining a DCU club will be one the best decisions you will make in DCU.


Involvement in club activity gives you a welcome break from your academic studies, and the skills and competencies gained through club committee work will really enhance your CV and give you that extra edge in your future career. Some of the DCU Clubs include Archery, Athletics, Basketball, GAA, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Volleyball.

DCU Society Life

Whether you are interested in some amateur dramatics, kicking back and playing some Halo, or even strutting your stuff down a catwalk, DCU’s society life covers it all. Drama or Debate; Paintballing or Style; DCU has a society for almost any interest you can imagine.


So whatever your interests might be, DCU has something to offer outside the classroom. University Life is what you make of it, make yours amazing.

DCU Students’ Union (DCUSU)

DCUSU is the representative body of all DCU students. The students’ union lends a helping hand to ensure students truly have the best University experience, from welfare to academic issues. The SU office also sells travelsave cards, concert tickets, LEAP cards and bus or train tickets.

The ''U'' Student Centre

The ”U” Student Centre, centrally located on the Glasnevin campus is a hive of social, cultural, recreational and educational activity. Home of the students’ union, the centre hosts a variety of events throughout the year.


It’s a bright, vibrant and welcoming space that is home to: