Pre-University Course (Online)

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Global Pathways - High School Students - China

DCU recognises the need to create flexible academic pathways for students. We understand that students may need to choose different elements from a range of pathway options to enrol in programmes that suit their needs.

Our innovative Pre-University Course starts in First Grade and follows students through to their High School Certificate at which point students have a number of different options.

Depending on the level of their academic progress, students can follow different pathways to achieve their ambitions for studying overseas with DCU or other university partners.

The course is delivered through live online classes (synchronous learning) where activities are led by an expert Tutor and completed in real-time offering full interaction with everybody in the class. Our expert Western and Chinese Tutors provide every support that the student needs to succeed when they travel abroad to study.

  • Application Deadline

    1st December 2022

  • Duration

    26 weeks + 4 weeks optional

  • Teaching Method

    Online Classes
    (synchronous learning)

  • Entry Requirements

    High School Entrance Examination (3A’s & 2B’s)

  • Intake

    January 2023

  • Fees


Study Programme - Modules

The course is taken on a part-time basis over 26 weeks and covers a mixture of subjects including English Language, Academic Skills for University, Western History & Culture and Preparation for Living & Studying Abroad.

English Language (260 hours)
Key Academic Skills (10 hours)
Research Project (10 hours)
Western History & Culture (10 hours)
Information Technology (10 hours)
Mathematics & Statistics (10 hours)
Economy (10 hours)
Business (10 hours)

Who is this programme for?

The DCU Pre-University Course is designed for international high school students who need to acquire English language and become familiar with the academic skills required for successful progression within a western university.

Our professional and friendly staff are there to assist with any issues or questions that students may have. Our dedicated student support team advises students with Visa applications and assists them in registering for DCU and Partner Universities. When students travel to Ireland for summer schools or for degree enrolment, our knowledgeable team are there to help with the transition to studying in Ireland.

Students undertake the course alongside their Chinese High School Certificate Programme. Each week consists of 10 hours of English tuition with approximately 3 hours of additional training. The English training is specifically oriented to the IELTS examination with students receiving specialist tips and advice from our experienced tutors.

Study at a top ranked university in Ireland for international students

DCU ranks among the world's top young universities (QS and THE rankings) and has one of the best graduate employability records of all Irish universities.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the event that you have questions or require a quotation.